Ultimate Guide: Best Baby Carrier, Australia

Ask almost any mum what there “must have” baby items are and chances are the best baby carrier will come up A LOT! Suddenly, baby carriers seem to be everywhere and they’re becoming trendier by the day. So, is it just a trend or a passing fad? Absolutely not! A good quality baby carrier really is one of the best investments you can make when expecting and it’s definitely on our newborn essentials list.

Apart from at home, carriers come in super handy when out and about and travelling. Don’t get me wrong, a good stroller is an absolute must but sometimes they are so much effort to pack in the car, get up and put down again etc. The best baby carrier, 2020 Australia, is an easy alternative if you’re taking a quick trip somewhere or you’re in an airport, for example, and a stroller is too bulky to carry!

I spent hours trawling the internet, reading the best baby carrier reviews Australia has and trying to find advice on the best carrier. To save you the same hassle as me, I reached out to some awesome travel and mummy bloggers and asked what their favourite baby carriers are and why!

So first, take a look below at the best baby carriers, Australia 2020, comparison chart to see all the options, then I’ve given you an in-depth breakdown of carrier types and what features to look out for. Finally, read the baby carrier reviews below and I’m certain you’ll find the best baby carrier to suit your needs! There’s everything from ergo baby carrier reviews to baby wrap carriers reviews, so you’re sure to find something suitable.


Here’s a quick reference chart so you can see the main features of the best carriers in Australia. For more in-depth details, see the reviews for each further down!



In the most basic terms, a baby carrier is a hands free way to carry your baby around. They comfortably and safely support the baby whilst attaching them to your body in a way that spreads their weight evenly for you.

Baby wearing has become very popular due to the freedom it can bring to parents but also the benefits it’s now believed to provide infants. Recent research is supporting the idea of the “fourth trimester” and the fact that a newborn needs these vital first weeks to concentrate on feeling safe and close to mum, which helps build a lifelong bond. read some different mums experiences of the first trimester in this article.

If you want the ultimate hands free experience use a baby carrier on the front and a backpack nappy bag on the back!!

There are a lot of different types of carriers and the best infant carrier for you will depend on a number of different factors as well as personal preference. take a look at my baby carrier reviews below and I’m sure you will find the best baby carrier to suit your needs.


Front carriers are probably the type that spring to mind when you imagine the best baby carrier on the market. They are the most popular option due to being super safe and secure and allow parents to have full view of baby. If you already know this style is for you, take a look at the best front baby carrier here.

As the name suggests, front carriers allow you to attach the baby to the front of your body with a strap that goes around your waist and straps over the shoulders. Having baby facing in towards your body is a great opportunity for them to feel cuddled into you as the back section holds them firmly against your body.

Some front carriers also allow you to face the baby outwards, looking at the world. However I, personally, do not advise it here as recent research has shown that even the best forward facing baby carrier does not provide optimal positioning for babies legs and hips and could possibly cause growth problems. If you’re unsure I would advise doing some research and making your own decision.


As you can probably imagine, back carriers are the exact opposite of the front carrier They let you carry baby on your back, facing towards you, a bit like a rucksack. Again the weight will be spread evenly with the use of a waist strap and shoulder straps and this style usually has a clip across the sternum for extra support.

This style should definitely be reserved for slightly older children as you won’t be able to see baby or get access to them as easily. The upside is, a lot of the best newborn carriers will give you the option to switch between front and back carriers meaning you shouldn’t have to upgrade as your child grows.


As the name suggests, this style of carrier places baby on your hip which can be a safer alternative to baby facing outward. The infant can still have a good line of sight forwards but hips and legs are in the optimal position and it also frees up space in front and behind for you.

Again, a lot of front carriers have the option to convert to a hip carry and these tend to be multi-position carriers. They spread the weight evenly using your shoulders and hip so, although it may seem hard to imagine, they are actually very comfortable and you won’t feel like one side is throwing out your centre of gravity.


The best baby wearing wraps are, essentially, a very simplified version of a baby carrier and are a long piece of material you wrap and tie around yourself. This creates a pouch where the baby can sit close and snug to your body, either on the front or the back. There are no clasps, buckles or rings, like with other carriers. Take a look at the baby wrap reviews further down to see what you think.

This type of carrier can seem a little daunting at first and I found them tricky to get the hang of but, once you’ve learnt the basics of wrapping and tieing the material, they’re a great option. The best baby wrap carrier will be incredibly comfortable and offer a huge range of different materials, patterns and colours.


Baby slings are similar to a wrap in that they are made of material but they are not designed to be completely hands free and instead just take the weight off.

Even the best baby sling Australia has, needs care to be taken when using it and they don’t provide as much freedom for you, as a baby wearer. Personally, this type of carrier didn’t give me the freedom I wanted and just didn’t feel comfortable wearing them as the baby didn’t feel as secure as some other options.


There is a lot to consider when choosing the best baby carrier to suit your needs. you should think about what you want the carrier for. Will you be doing a lot of travelling? Is it mostly for around the house? Will you be wearing it for long periods of time or just short instances?

Comfort, safety and ease of use should, absolutely, be at the very top of your list when looking at features of the top rated baby carriers.


As with every piece of baby gear, safety should be the main consideration. You need to make sure that baby’s weight is fully supported and they can be held securely. It can feel a little daunting, the first time you use one, and may take some time to get out of the habit of keeping one hand on the baby. Sticking with one of the well-known brands is the best way to ensure you are getting a safe carrier that has been fully tested.

One of the main concerns should be for newborns and you need to make sure your carrier is suitable from birth and check the weight guidelines. Newborns will need their head and neck fully supported, advice says that their head should be within kissing distance. Keeping a keen eye on particularly young babies is essential to avoid suffocation and you want to make sure there is plenty of room for them to turn their heads from side to side.


Both yours and babies comfort are super important if you want to have a great baby wearing experience. For baby, you’ll want to make sure they are snug and safe but not too tightly held in and the material should be suitable for weather conditions. I live in a tropical climate so a carrier with breathable material was a must.

The optimum position for baby to be held is with their hips and legs falling naturally into an “M’ shape, although this is usually after the newborn stage as very young babies may prefer having their legs curled up slightly. Toddlers are a whole different ball game and will need much more room to move a bit and feel like they can interact. In my opinion, the best baby carrier for toddlers is a backpack style one.

Comfort for mum (or anyone else wearing) is also vital and not just if you plan on taking long trips with the carrier. If you don’t have a carrier that properly supports your back and shoulders, it won’t take long for you to develop pain. I loved our Manduca carrier for both our children as it has great padded straps, a sturdy waist belt and a sternum or back clip and I never got any pain from wearing it.


Do not overlook this factor! I can’t stress enough how complicated some carriers are (usually the super cheap versions) and I tried on a few with straps everywhere that were impossible to work out.

In my opinion, the best carriers allow you to easily put them on alone without needing help from anyone else. yes, it will always be hard the first couple times trying to support the baby and fasten the clips but, trust me, it is very easy with the right carrier.

For me, the easiest carriers are front worn ones but I know people who swear by the wrap-style carrier and I know there are some baby wraps that come ready to wear so you don’t have to worry about learning to tie them.


Here is a quick review of the top 10 baby carriers recommended to me by travel and mummy bloggers so you get a personal recommendation for each choice!



It was not until we started planning our first trip to South East Asia with our then one year old that we started baby wearing and our Ergo Original baby carrier became one of the essential items for our packing list every trip after that, we really believe it’s the best ergo baby carrier.

As frequent travellers, we came to realise that certain destinations really do call for a carrier over a stroller, so our research on finding the best baby carrier for us began. We tried on so many different types, however, the Ergo Original was the one that we both found most comfortable to wear with an older child.

I am only 5 foot 5 and hubby is over 6 foot, so the fact that the Ergo was so easy to adjust when we were switching over was a big plus. The straps have the right amount of width and padding and it suited our small 1 year old great. In fact, we used it right up until our youngest was close to 2 as well.

It comes with a newborn insert which means you can use it early on, while travelling or just around home if you have a baby who wants to stay close all day. It also has a hood that clips onto the straps to provide shade and extra privacy. It is also discreet enough to breastfeed while wearing if you are in a situation where you need to settle your baby in a hurry.



The Bebamour Six-position hip seat carrier is top of my list for a baby must-have item. The upper part can be detached to be a single hip seat carrier and you can put baby in multiple ways such as face forward and face-inward. I love that I don’t need to always have the whole attachment every time I use it.

Having an above average-sized baby, this carrier was a hit for me and my husband. It helped my back, a lot, especially when I went to Mum & Baby classes that required dancing and movement. My baby loved it and it can be used from 0-36 months (weight about 0-44 lbs or 0-14.9kg)

Another aspect of it is that it has various pockets of different sizes. As I’m usually out and about with my little one, I use the baby carrier’s pockets for keys and my phone. There is a larger pocket which you can also use to store extra nappies. If you need an item that is safe, convenient and comfortable, this Bebamour is for you.



My absolute favourite baby carrier is a ring sling!  They can seem intimidating and there’s a bit of a learning curve (check out a local baby wearing group if you can, to get some pointers) but it’s so easy to use once you get the hang of it.

One of my favourite things is how minimal it feels when it’s on, it’s kind of like not having a carrier on at all!  I love that you can use it from newborn to toddler without needing anything extra and that it’s super portable (just stuff it in the diaper bag!).

They’re easy to nurse in and light, great for toddlers who still want to be carried but only for short amounts of time.When we go travelling, this is always my top choice for carriers because it’s so easy to take on and off by myself.  It also won’t take up much room in a suitcase!

I definitely recommend a cotton one if you are on a budget or don’t have the time to break in a new linen sling.  Cotton is also such a breathable fabric that it was perfect for summer or winter use.  Ring slings can be a great option if you’re looking to purchase just one carrier or as a compliment to other baby carriers that may not travel as well or be useable for all seasons.



I firmly believe a great baby carrier is a vital tool for every new parent during the newborn days. After our baby was born, we tried out a couple of different options and instantly fell in love with our Boba baby wrap and I think it’s the best wrap for newborns. I love that it’s one long piece of fabric with no extra hooks or clips and fits moms of all shapes and sizes.

I loved baby wearing when we were out and about and I wanted to nurse in public. I was super self-conscious about breastfeeding in public. But it was so easy to breastfeed with my Boba wrap! My baby was happy, my body was covered, and we didn’t have to stop our fun to find a private place to nurse.

Baby wearing was also a lifesaver for us on fussy nights. No matter how fussy or cranky my baby was during those early days, as soon as I put on my Boba wrap and tucked him up against me, he was instantly calm and fell right to sleep.I would wrap up my baby super tightly and then go for a long walk. He cuddled and took a nap throughout his entire fussy period and I got in a little exercise. It was perfect!

The Boba wrap is the best tool every for new parent and I highly recommend it for everyone during the newborn days!



I have churned through a pile of carriers since having my first child in 2013. My youngest is two and a half and I still have a fairly sizable stash! Picking just one is tough but Manduca has won my heart.

While they don’t have as many print options as some brands, the ones they do have are mainly neutral and work with everything. Also, since it isn’t pink polka dots, my “I’ll just use my arms to carry the kids” husband is willing to wear it, too!

Manduca is a one-size-fits-all carrier, with a built-in infant seat and adjustable panel size. It works from newborn to toddler age. If I had to, I could carry my small six year old in it, but my large two and a half year old is about as big as I’d want to go. You can wear a Manduca on the front, hip, or back. It doesn’t support forward facing, but babies really don’t need all that stimulation anyway.

It has crossable straps, a long but easily stored waistband, 100% certified organic cotton, and all the plastic pieces are replaceable* it’s full of great features. It also folds up nicely for storage or transportation, as pictured.

* Replaceable plastic is important, especially if you happen to get your waist clip caught in the car door and shatter it. Not that I know from personal experience. Not at all!


Though I was into baby wearing since my babies were newborns, Kinderpack carriers didn’t come into my life until my oldest was around 2 years old. I purchased one and it changed my life. The comfort level was awesome, with nicely padded straps, many options to adjust the fit, and the ease of use.

They have a lot of different prints and it’s easy to fall in love with them. Additionally, they have these options: full panel, koolknit (a mesh panel that helps you and baby stay cooler), regular straps, or plus size straps. They also have FOUR sizes: infant, standard, toddlers, and preschool. This gives you the option to baby wear for as long as you want (or need)!

Kinderpacks can be used front carry facing in, back carry, and hip carry.

They are my favourite carrier, especially for bigger kids with their sizing options. I also loved their koolknit options because the kids and I would stay slightly cooler in the summer. In the winter, I could always add a blanket if needed (around the carrier). I’ve also used two Kinderpacks to tandem wear (wearing two babies or toddlers at the same time) and they are still really comfortable. Hands down, the Kinderpack has been my favourite carrier!


The Lillebaby carrier is one of the most ergonomic and most comfortable carriers in the world. Lillebaby has a variety of styles and colours and is made to fit any parent. There are various types of Lillebaby carriers including: Original, Complete All Seasons, Embossed, Airflow, Woven and the carriers come in a variety of styles, materials and patterns.  Their products have carriers for children ages 7-45 pounds and 20-60 pounds.

The Complete All Season is one of their best carriers and provides a range of options.  It has 6 carrying positions depending on the age and weight of the baby.  The front has a zip down option where breathable mesh allows for airflow during the hotter months.  Zippered pockets can also be found on the carrier which makes it easy to slide in a phone or cards and cash whenever out on the go.  Straps are fully adjustable and a back panel provides superior back support.  There is also a hood available to shield the baby from the sun or to provide a bit of coverage during naps or even nursing.

All Lillebaby carriers are designed to fully support the proper positioning of the baby and the comfort of the parent through its ergonomic design.  It is also one of the few carriers that is nursing friendly due to its potential to adjust appropriately and the best carrier we have used during our travels.


You cannot go wrong with any of the Deuter Kid Comfort packs. The Kid Comfort is a baby and toddler carrier best suited for hiking or taking long walks. This is a serious baby carrier, and it’s great for active families with babies or toddlers. It’s a hard framed aluminium carrier. Deuter carriers are appropriate for babies who can sit up independently (typically around six months), and their max weight (including gear) is 48.5 lbs. (22kg).

The first thing that drew me to this carrier is that it has a TON of features. Number one is the amount and placement of the pockets. It has pockets on the hip belt, side pockets for water bottles, and three pockets on the back. It has a kickstand for when you need to put the carrier down, and it’s also got a retractable sunroof for the passenger. Lastly, it comes with a little mirror so you can check on your kiddo, and in case it rains, you can purchase a rain cover that will cover the entire carrier.

The second thing that I liked about the Kid Comfort was the stability that it provides. The aluminium frame provides excellent support for the baby or toddler and also provides a ton of stability for the adult. It has great weight distribution to the hips, and you can adjust almost any aspect of the fit to fit your body type. We visited Utah last year, and I found it extremely comfortable to wear my 27lb. son for days in a row.

Lastly, the ‘cockpit’ is extremely comfortable for the child. The child rides up high so that s/he can see her surroundings. The pack also has stirrups for the kid, a breathable mesh back, little pockets for the kiddo’s sippy cup, a detachable chin pad/pillow for snoozing, and it comes with a little white stuffed bear.


We purchased the Macpac Vamoose V2 when we were ready to transition from our Baby Bjorn. We were looking for something that we could take with us anywhere – from city tours to bushwalking.

The Macpac Vamoose certainly fit the bill. As well as offering a comfortable ride for our son, it is equally comfortable for mum and dad – distributing the weight evenly and being fully adjustable to suit either parent.

We love that it comes with extra storage space so we can fit all our essentials like baby wipes, nappies, hats, sun cream and water plus more! The carrier includes a detachable backpack so we can share the load. Overall it has 19L storage capacity.

Baby is safely secured, with an adjustable safety harness, which was a big priority for us. It is also lightweight and easy to put on. The carrier comes with a stand so we can pop our son in and secure him while it is on the ground, before swinging him onto our back.

The Macpac Vamoose is great for children who have outgrown their baby carrier and is designed to carry up to 20kg. It also comes with a shade sale and rain cover to protect your child and the carrier from the elements. An optional neck pillow can be bought which is great for longer walks, as baby can rest their head and have a nap while they enjoy the ride!


There is a lot of multi-tasking involved when you are a traveling mother. Being able to carry your baby and have your hands free to hail taxis, make phone calls, or carry your luggage makes everything so much easier. This is the reason why I enjoy using a Tula baby carrier. It made the challenge of juggling motherhood and a nomadic lifestyle easier to handle.

My favourite is the FTG (Free-to-Grow) baby carrier because of its adjustable and versatile design which allows me to use it for a very long time. As babies grow really fast, it’s better to have something that can be easily adjusted to fit babies from 7lbs to 45lbs. Changing the width of the baby carrier is made easy by the straps used to hold it. As a matter of fact, it reminds me of adjusting a backpack, which brings me to another feature I love about it.

Carrying a baby around is difficult work. Aching backs are quite common. What’s great about the FTG Tula is that it is designed like a baby backpack that allows you to change the position of the carrier. You can have the baby in front of you or behind you.