Top Camping Storage Ideas for Families

We can’t think of anything more relaxing than sitting around a fire and camping out underneath the stars. As relaxing as it is, there’s still a hassle when it comes to digging everything out and setting up camp.

Even after everything has been set up, a few days later and you’re still digging through your camping treasures for your compass. Not only is hunting for your belongings an ongoing struggle, but it takes a long time to prep and do simple tasks because of this.

That’s where we come in. Over the years, we’ve learned a few tricks and ideas by making mistakes of our own and reinventing how to make our camping experience easier. If you might have similar problems during your camping trips, consider some of these top storage ideas that will make your camping trip even easier.

It’s Important to Be Organised But Lightweight

Cramming all your camping gear inside your vehicle can be a lot like playing Tetris. There’s a strategy to it. It’s important to keep everything organised, but still, be able to fit everything that’s necessary too. The same goes for your hiking bag. Keep it organised, but don’t make it too heavy. You don’t want a sore back on your first day of hiking.

Colour Code Your Bags

Come up with a plan ahead of time to put certain coloured dots on each bag. Each colour representing what camping treasure is in the bag. One-colour for kitchen supplies, a different colour for hiking gear, another for food and so forth.

Unless you have Superman vision, you might forget what you have tucked away in each bag and have to dig through every single one. If your children are coming along, make sure that their duffle bags are different colours so anyone can easily tell them apart.

Clear Storage Bins

Another useful tip is to use clear storage camping bins to hold most of your camping gear in. Not only is it kept in a tightly sealed container, but you can easily see what’s inside.

If you have a lot of knick-knacks and small items, there are also storage cabinets with smaller compartments. Clear storage bins will be a huge time-saver and make camping even easier.

Isolate Your Smells

Don’t make the mistake of putting your perfumes, colognes, or whatever smelly things you might have in with other items. You might not like your toothbrush smelling and tasting like you’ve eaten hairspray. You also don’t want to attract any bear, raccoon, or any other unwanted guests.

Roll Your Clothing

You need all the room you can get. Rolling your clothing instead of folding it saves space. It’s actually easier to track down your clothing instead of digging through clothing all stacked on top of each other.

String Up a Clothesline

Whether you got sweaty from a hiking trip or bike ride or maybe got a little wet from kayaking, your clothes need to dry out. Consider hanging a clothesline out to allow them to air-dry, instead of throwing them in a bag all damp.

Metal Coffee Cans to Store Things

We’ve found that metal coffee cans work great for storing things. They keep a number of items away from the elements in a sealed tight container and they also don’t take up that much room. Many people store their snacks and food in them. You can even put your toilet paper in them to keep it from getting wet.

Keep Your “Camp Kitchen” Organised with a Hanging Shoe Rack

Most campers would agree with us, preparing and finding kitchen items while camping is a long drawn out process and where you spend most of your time digging through your gear. Not anymore.

Repurpose a hanging shoe rack by hanging it on the clothesline we mentioned earlier. Now you can put your spices, utensils, cooking tools, and any other kitchen misc. items you can put in it.

Place Cookware in Resealable Bags

After you’re done using your cookware, be sure to clean it first and then store it away in a large resealable bag. This way you can keep it all your cooking tools together and can use the resealable bag on many trips.

Portable Camping Kitchen Table

Another neat contraption to consider getting, although not completely necessary, is a portable camping kitchen table. There are bins underneath for storing, and a good-sized table for preparing your meals.

Don’t Forget The Trash Bags For Trash

This is one mistake that many campers make at least one time throughout their camping trips over the years. That’s because when the trip is starting out, you haven’t accumulated any trash yet. Don’t make that mistake. Make sure that you bring several trash bags that can serve many purposes. Not only do they store trash but also dirty clothes and separating wet clothes.

Compression Sacks For the Winter

Are you a brave winter camper? If you are, kudos to you. You’ve probably noticed your supplies and clothing take up even more space and demand even more time prepping for the cold. If you want to avoid being limited in your tent with all your stuff, it might not be a bad idea to get a few compression sacks to help with this problem

Get a Fanny Pack

Now we know these aren’t as “cool” or popular as they once were, but your camping, who cares? You can use it while hiking to store all your hiking necessities or keep it on you for other small items that you need throughout the day.

Have a Trip-Ready Bag For Hiking

While you’re packing for your trip, go ahead and pack a hiking bag that’s ready to go beforehand. On the morning of a hike, it can be hard to dig through all your supplies to round up anything you need as far as hiking gear goes. Trust us, this will be a huge time-saver.

There are all kinds of camping storage ideas out there. You just need to find out what works best for you. Which of our ideas did you find helpful while making your camping experience less of a scavenger hunt?