What Are The Consequences Of Poor Rug Cleaning?

You may be wondering how to properly clean a beautiful rug that you have in your home or office. To protect and preserve your area rug, it is important to follow the proper rug cleaning protocol.

If you don’t clean your rug properly, it can cause the following problems:

  • Bleeding dyes
  • Damage to your rug can shorten its lifespan
  • Hazardous chemicals in your home
  • Set in stains rather than removing them
  • Leave behind smells
  • The rug will be damaged if moisture remains in it.

The same can be said if you don’t clean your rugs. It is important to hire professionals who are familiar with area rugs for professional rug cleaning. Your rug cleaners should be able to handle your oriental rugs with care, especially if they are special.

We will look in depth at the effects of poor rug care and how you can be sure that you have found the right rug cleaner. A rug is usually the focal point or centerpiece of a room. 

Bleeding Dye.

The dyes of a rug can bleed if it is not cleaned properly. The design of the rug can be lost as colors mix together. You might also end up with a rug that has lost its pattern or color.

Dye bleeding is most common in red-dyed rugs. Rug makers sometimes add dye after they have finished weaving the rug. If handled incorrectly, this can lead to dye bleeding.

Before cleaning a rug, some professional rug cleaners conduct a dye test. It helps them determine the best way to clean the rug without damaging it.

Shorter Rug Life.

Incorrect rug cleaning can damage fibers and shorten the life of the rug. After one cleaning, you might not notice any difference in your rug. The more your rug is cleaned badly, the more wear it will show.

A rug’s lifespan can also be shortened if dirt is still trapped inside it after cleaning. This is because dirt that has been buried in the fibers will eventually break them down. Dirt is pressed into the fibers of your area rug every time you step on it or place heavy furniture over it.

You may start to notice areas where your rug has ripped, or the pattern is disrupted. This is a sign of fibers breaking down. It’s time to consult a rug repair expert who is also an experienced rug cleaner. Rug repair is a great way to restore your rug after a poor cleaning or lack of cleaning.

Harmful Chemicals Entering Your Home.

The majority of rug cleaners are mild and safe to use in your home. Some chemicals can be dangerous to you and those who live in your home. Beware of companies that use these chemicals to clean your rugs.

  • Perchloroethylene can cause your family to feel dizzy, nauseated, or tired. This chemical can cause kidney and liver damage if it is regularly exposed.
  • Naphthalene is a chemical that some cleaning companies use because it can dissolve dirt and kill moths. Be careful if the rug cleaning company you use uses this chemical excessively. It can cause nausea, confusion, and vomiting, as well as liver and nerve damage.
  • Butyloxy Ethanol is dangerous when inhaled or in contact with the skin. This chemical can cause damage to the nerves, liver, and kidneys.

Ask your rug cleaner what chemicals they use and any risks that may be associated with them.

Set In Stains Instead Of Removing Them.

Incorrectly cleaning a rug can cause stains to set in instead of being removed. This is particularly true if you dry clean a rug, as the heat will make a stain more permanent.

Ask the rug cleaners if they think that they can remove the stain from your rug. Ask the rug cleaners if they are confident that they can remove the stain from the rug or if the rug may need to be treated in another way.

It’s harder to remove a stain once it has set. You should seek professional help as soon as possible after a spill or accident near your rug.

Leave Behind Odors.

Some rug treatments only cover the surface and can leave a musty or dirty smell behind. If your rugs smell the same as when you sent them out, then you need to be concerned.

Professional rug cleaners are able to remove odors without using harsh chemicals or damaging methods. Asking neighbors and friends with area rugs about the companies they hire to clean their rugs is a great idea. It’s a great place to begin when looking for reputable companies.

The Moisture In Your Rug That Damages It.

Steam cleaning can leave behind moisture. Moisture can damage your rugs if it builds up.

If you leave moisture behind after cleaning, it can attract dirt and dust to your rug. You may need another cleaning.

Find Professional Rug Cleaners.

It can be challenging to find a professional rug cleaner who will take the best care of your rug. It’s worth it to protect your rug. Check out these tips to find a reputable rug cleaning in sydney service.

  1. Beware of low prices and large discounts. Rug cleaning requires time and expertise. You should be a little hesitant to give your rug over to a company that offers prices below their competitors’ or large discounts.
  2. Ask for recommendations. Ask the homeowner if they clean their area rugs when you enter a house with one. It’s a good way to find reputable local rug cleaners near Everett.
  3. Experience is important. It’s important to support small businesses. However, you should also trust your rugs with a company that has years of experience cleaning rugs.