Welcome to Lifestyle Queensland, the site for those looking to live, love and travel Queensland

My name is Sophie, I’m a pregnant mum living half of my life in an isolated community in the rainforest of Far North Queensland. The other half I’m in the bustling beach city of the Gold Coast!!

I created this site because I love Queensland and everything about our life here!

Don’t get me wrong NSW is beautiful and Victoria is great BUT give me my Queensland life anyday! Adventure, camping, beaching, hiking, diving, coral reef, rainforests, desert and every possible thing in between. I just bloody love it and the lifestyle it gives me.

We’re your typical beach bum, outdoors family and just love going on adventures!

As a result, I’m always looking for fun new things to do and ways to make my everyday jobs quicker and easier so I can get out the door as quickly as possible.

I hope I can help you to explore our great state so you come to love it just as much as I do. I also want to give you tips, advice and reviews and things to do that can help give you more time to enjoy the great outdoors!

So take a look around and I really hope you find some posts to help you start living that Queensland lifestyle too!

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