The Best Baby Bottles, Australia 2020 – Ultimate Guide

The Best Baby Bottles, Australia 2020 – Ultimate Guide

Whether you plan on bottle feeding, mix feeding or transitioning to bottles at a later date, you want to make sure that you’re using the best baby bottles Australia offers.

Baby bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and in this article, we’ll help you find the best baby bottles Australia has on offer. Whether you’re looking for the best glass baby bottles Australia, best bottles for newborns Australia, best bottles for breastfed babies or even the best bottles for colic, we’ve got them all.

Bottle feeding your baby can be a really enjoyable experience for mum and bub but it can be difficult to know which bottle is right. Keep on reading to learn how to choose the right bottle for your baby but first read through our detailed baby bottle reviews.

best milk bottle for newborn

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Comparison Chart – Best Baby Bottles, 2020

Cherub Starter Kit
Philips Avent Natural
Philips Avent Classic
+ Anti-Colic
MAM Gift Set
NUK First Choice+
Starter Set
Pigeon Newborn
Starter Kit
Mii Sophie
Safe T
Silicone120mlCheck Price!

Baby Bottle Reviews

Here are our top picks for the best baby bottles on the market.

Our Favourite: Cherub Baby Glass Bottle Starter Kit

Thanks to this all inclusive kit, you can start your bottle feeding journey using bottles that grow with your baby. The set features 4 wide neck glass bottles; 2 x 150ml and 2 x 240ml, protective silicone sleeves, 2 x slow flow teats and 2 x medium flow teats. It also comes with travel seals and caps for leak free feeding on the go and even a sippy cup adaptor pack and straw cup adaptor pack.

The fact you can use these bottles as both sippy cups and straw cups makes them great value for money and means you can use them for years to come.

These bottles are heat resistant, up to 600 Celsius, and are made of non-toxic borosilicate glass. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe. The protective sleeves are non toxic 100% silicone that’s BPA free and safe for baby.

The bottles are drop and shock-resistant, thanks to the silicone casing, and come with a full guarantee. I actually managed to break one – tile floors + clumsy mum! I rang the manufacturer and they were so apologetic and sent me a replacement out straight away, I could not fault their customer service!

In my opinion, these really are the best baby bottles for newborns. We got them when our daughter was a few weeks old and at 2.5 years they’re still useful thanks to the straw adaptor. Plus our second baby can use them as bottles again.

What We Like

  • A complete kit to grow with baby
  • 100% non toxic and BPA free
  • Travel seals and caps for maximum convenience

What We Don’t Like

  • A little heavier than plastic bottles but not a much as you might think!

Philips Avent Natural

If you’re looking for something from one of the best baby bottle brands, Philips are well known for producing quality bottles at affordable prices.

These top rated baby bottles come in a pack of two (either 125ml or 260ml) and are 100% BPA free. They have wide teats to allow for a more natural latch, making them a great contender for the best baby bottles for newborns. There are slow flow teats included, which are perfect for starting your bottle feeding journey.

If you need faster flow teats they are available and all teats are made from 100% soft silicone so they are BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

If you’re looking for the best anti colic bottles, these have a valve design that vents the air away for maximum comfort while feeding. The shape and size of these bottles is also perfect for little hands once baby shows an interest.

What We Like

  • BPA free bottle
  • 100% wide silicone teats
  • Anti-colic valve to minimise discomfort

What We Don’t Like

  • Small size bottles

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Philips Avent Classic+ Anti-Colic

Another great option from Philips, this pack of 3 bottles are specifically designed to reduce colic and discomfort by limiting the amount of air that your little one is likely to swallow.

As baby feeds the valve flexes to prevent the air inside the bottle from building up and vents it to the back of the bottle. The ribbed texture of the nipple keeps it in shape and helps prevent collapse and the shape creates a secure latch.

These bottles are great for newborns but they do come with the medium flow teats so be sure to purchase slow flow, newborn teats for little ones. however, they would make a great choice if you’re looking for the best baby bottles for gas and colic.

What We Like

  • Anti colic design
  • Wide teat
  • Interchangeable with other Philips teats

What We Don’t Like

  • Comes with medium flow teats

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MAM Gift Set

If you’re looking for the best bottle starter set, you could do a lot worse than this MAM gift set. This pack is great value for money as it includes two 160ml bottles, one 260ml bottle, a newborn dummy and clip.

All the teats have an anti colic design with a vented teat to allow baby to drink at their own pace. The teats have a unique flat shape that fits perfectly in baby’s mouth. We switched to these teats when my daughter was 6 months old and she fed really well with them!

The included dummy makes soothing your little one on the go easy, thanks to the extra-small size. It’s specially designed for newborns with a symmetrical orthodontic shape that feels comfortable to use and doesn’t affect jaw or teeth development.

What We Like

  • Complete kit to grow with baby
  • Skin-soft teat
  • Anti-colic design

What We Don’t Like

  • Personally I don’t like the bright colours

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NUK First Choice+

If your bub is a little older now and you’re worried about transitioning from breastfeeding to using a bottle, this bottle is designed with that in mind. This is one of the best bottles for breastfeeding infants to transition with.

The bottle features an easy to hold, ergonomic handles for little hands, perfect for babys that love feeding themselves. The bottle is made from 100% BPA free materials and features a soft silicone nipple that comes in 4 different colours.

Featuring a wide neck, this 150ml bottle is suitable for babys from the age of 6 months. It comes with a screw ring, a closure disc, and protective cap to prevent the risk of leaking. All these pieces are removable for easy cleaning.

It really is one of the best baby bottles for breastfed babies who are ready to transition to a bottle.

What We Like

  • Facilitates transition frpm breastfeeding to bottle
  • Ergonomic handles with non-slip studs
  • Removable screw ring and disc to prevent leaking.

What We Don’t Like

  • This is not a newborn baby bottle.

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CHICCO First Starter Set

This really is one of the best newborn bottle starter sets and it includes everything you need for succesful bottle feeding.

This set features two 150ml slow flow bottles, two 250ml medium flow bottles, an adjustable teat that your baby can start using from the age of 4 months, a dummy, and even a cleaning brush.

The unique inclined teat allows for natural suction and mimics the mother’s breast making these some of the best bottles for newborns breastfeeding and bottle feeding. All teats are made of high-quality silicone, which is odourless and tasteless as well as BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

These nipples also feature a double anti-colic system that neutralises the air pressure while your little one is swallowing, making them some of the best baby bottles for colic as well.

What We Like

  • All in one pack
  • Inclined teat to mimic the breast
  • Double anti-colic system

What We Don’t Like

  • Slow flow teats are VERY slow

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Pigeon Newborn Starter Kit

Don’t waste anymore time looking for the best bottle set for newborns. This set comes with everything a new mum will need to introduce her newborn to the bottle.

Featuring safe and soft teats, switching between the breast and the bottle won’t cause nipple confusion. The teat caters to the natural movement of your little one’s tongue to support the natural development of the jaw and teeth.

The bottles are made of durable polypropylene which is safe and BPA-free. The ultra-soft double-thick teats provide more elasticity, so your little one can latch on the teat comfortably. Moreover, the design of the nipple prevents the excessive swallowing of air which causes pain and discomfort.

This set is excellent value for money, as you’ll receive two wide neck soft-touch 160-ml bottles with a small-sized teat, one wide neck soft-touch 240-ml bottle with a medium-sized teat, 1 training teether, a newborn silicone pacifier with a hood, and a cleaning brush. All the parts are made of high-quality materials to guarantee the safety of your child.

Using the teether encourages your baby to chew and close the lips. It features vent holes and no detachable parts to prevent the swallowing of air. Moreover, it helps develop your baby’s facial muscles. The brush guarantees that all angles on the bottle are thoroughly cleaned.

Some babies won’t be fond of the long narrow nipple, so they might not accept the bottle. Nevertheless, this set is an excellent baby shower gift and comes with different pieces that your baby will love.

What We Like

  • Complete set of three bottles, a teether, and a cleaning brush.
  • Soft teat to facilitate the transition between the breast and the bottle.
  • The teether encourages the development of the teeth and facial muscles.
  • The teat is designed to prevent the swallowing of air.

What We Don’t Like

  • The narrow silicone teat might feel a little uncomfortable.

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Medela Breastmilk Bottle

New mums are always busy, and this bottle set comes to minimise all the guessing. This set features 3 different bottles in 2 sizes, 150 and 250 ml.

All the bottles are compatible with the company’s breast pumps so you can help your little one transition to the bottle if he or she is used to breastfeeding. This means that you can pump, feed, and store milk in a single container to eliminate the risk of contamination.

Each bottle comes with easy to read volume marks, so you know exactly how much milk is left in the bottle. The bottles are dishwasher and microwave-safe to guarantee the safety of your little one.

The wide base nipples will tempt your baby to use the bottle more often, and they come with a travel cap to keep them clean when you’re away from home. All the bottles and nipples are made of BPA-free materials.

Although these bottles come with screw-on lids, they don’t stay put. The bottles leak when you shake them or when you’re travelling.

What We Like

  • A set of five bottles.
  • Wide-base nipples for easy bottle feeding.
  • Bottles are heat-resistant and come with marks.
  • BPA-free materials.

What We Don’t Like

  • The screw-on lids don’t sit properly on the teat, so the bottle might leak.

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TOMMEE TIPPEE Essentials Starter Kit

Feeding your baby and keeping him healthy will be easy thanks to this kit. The kit includes 8 BPA-free bottles in 150 ml and 260 ml sizes. All of them are slow flow with a soft teat to help your baby get used to bottle feeding. Moreover, you’ll receive a steriliser that kills germs to keep the bottles clean.

After the cleaning and sterilisation are done, you won’t have to touch the bottles thanks to the tong you receive with your purchase. You’ll also have a cleaning brush that allows you to clean all the angles to remove any milk residue. Moreover, in your baby’s first month, having a high-quality soother like the one you receive with this kit, will help keep him calm and happy.

This kit arrives with a travel pouch so you can take it wherever you want. Once the sterilisation is finished, you can keep the lid closed, and the bottles will stay germ-free for 24 hours.

However, you might want to say close while you’re running the sterilisation because sometimes the timer goes off and the process runs more than it should. As a result, the heating plate might rust and lose colour.

What We Like

  • Complete kit with bottles, soother, and a sterilisation system.
  • Slow-flow bottle with a soft teat.
  • Bottles can stay germ-free for up to 24 hours.
  • Travel-friendly kit.

What We Don’t Like

  • The timer might go off, keeping the sterilisation process running more than it should.

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Mii Sophie the giraffe Bottle

Made of non-toxic and BPA-free glass, this baby bottle is a safe and convenient option that facilitates the combination of breastfeeding with the bottle. It’s equipped with a medical-grade silicone teat that newborns love because it resembles the feel of the mother’s nipple.

Featuring the true-transition nipples, the design of the teat will minimise the risk of bottle rejection, making your job easier. There are 4 stages of nipple design, and each one of them is made to match the development of the oral characteristics of your little one’s mouth. Each nipple is unique in its size, function, and texture.

With a 4-valve anti-colic system, pain will be minimised to guarantee the comfort of your baby. It also improves digestion and sleep because your baby won’t swallow the air.

The bottle comes with a cap to keep the dust away, but it can still leak if you’re not holding it properly. It’s more expensive than other bottles on the market.

What We Like

  • Non-toxic and BPA-free glass bottle.
  • Medical-grade silicone teat.
  • 4 different true-transition nipples.
  • Anti-colic system for more comfort.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bottle can easily leak and is more expensive than other products.

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Best Glass Baby Bottles, Australia, Reviews

Our absolute favourite baby bottle is the glass Cherub bottle set reviewed at the top of this article. If you want glass bottles but aren’t sure if the Cherub glass bottle starter kit is for you, here are some other great glass baby bottles.

Safe T Glass Baby Bottles

Say goodbye to bottles that need to be replaced often because these ones are made of tough German borosilicate glass. They can withstand heat up to 600 degrees Celsius and never change colour. Moreover, they don’t leak toxins into your baby’s milk for maximum safety.

These bottles are smooth with no rough edges and are super easy to clean. They’re available in 2 sizes, 180 ml and 260 ml to cater to your baby’s different needs as he or she is transitioning from breastfeeding to the bottle.

With no poisonous ink, you can still know the amount of milk in your baby’s bottle as the numbers are etched into the glass. The measurements won’t wash off no matter how much you clean the bottle, so you can safely say that it’s one of the best glass baby bottles Australia.

The bottles are dishwasher and microwave safe. They can withstand any process of sterilisation to guarantee that they are germ-free. The bottles come with an anti-colic teat that regulates the amount of air inside, making sure that your baby won’t suffer from any pain.

However, some babies won’t like the tall shape of the nipple as it feels a bit unnatural. The flow might be too strong, especially for the younger ones.

What We Like

  • Volume numbers are etched into the glass, not printed
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Anti-colic teat

What We Don’t Like

  • Some babies don’t like the tall, narrow teat

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Hevea Glass Baby Bottles 120ml

If you prefer glass bottles, then these ones are for you. This pack is made of 2 high-quality BPA-free borosilicate glass bottles that are super easy to clean and contain no toxic materials. They’re heat-resistant and don’t react with the nutrients in the milk for maximum safety.

With an anti-colic cherry-shaped teat, you know that your baby will never feel pain or discomfort as the teat controls the amount of air that reaches your baby’s stomach. The teat is made of 100% natural rubber and is PVC-free. You can also use the teat with other regular neck bottles, depending on your baby’s preference.

To guarantee the safety of your child, the bottles arrive with a dust-proof cover. The polypropylene screw cap is eco-friendly as it’s made of non-toxic materials.

These bottles are suitable if you’re worried about allergies and chemicals. However, they’re not travel-friendly as they’re quite heavy and might easily break.

What We Like

  • Heat-resistant glass bottles.
  • Anti-colic cherry-shaped teat.
  • Teat is PVC-free for maximum safety.
  • Dust-proof cover.

What We Don’t Like

  • Bottles are rather heavy and can easily break.

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Best Silicone Baby Bottles Review

Olababy GentleBottle Baby Bottle 120ml

If you’re looking for the best natural baby bottles or a lightweight and travel-friendly bottle, look no further. This silicone baby bottle from Olababy has a soft shape and texture to keep bottle feeding as natural as possible.

It’s made of 100% non-toxic food-grade silicone that mimics the natural feel of the breast to help your baby feel more comfortable as they bottle feed.

Because of its soft shape, the bottle is safe and comfortable for your little one to hold. It comes with an offset teat that is super easy to latch on and puts your baby under the impression that they’re being fed from a natural breast. This reduces the risk of bottle rejection and makes it one of the best bottles for newborns Australia.

Featuring dual vents, the anti-colic teat neutralises that pressure inside the bottle to guarantee that your little one won’t swallow the excess air. As a result, you know that your baby will sleep better and faster, with no pain or discomfort. The slow flow teat is suitable for babies between 0 and 3 months.

This bottle is great value for money as it grows with your baby. Change the teat and add a handle, and it will quickly transform into a sippy cup. Once your little has all grown up, you can add a lid to keep snacks or small toys.

The bottle measures 120 ml. Just like other silicone bottles, it will be a hit or miss for your little one as some babies are not fond of the silicone texture.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and durable silicone bottle.
  • Offset teat to eliminate the risk of bottle rejection.
  • Soft anti-colic teat with a slow flow.
  • Bottle is comfortable to hold.
  • Bottle can be used as a sippy cup.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some babies don’t like the texture of silicone.

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How to Choose the Best Baby Bottles Australia 2020

Choosing the right baby bottle usually starts before the arrival of your little one. You might think about breastfeeding your newborn, but using a bottle can suddenly become a necessity. Here are some factors to think about before choosing your baby’s bottle.

infant reaching for the camera whilst drinking from the best baby feeding bottles


The material you choose for your baby bottles should be safe, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. There are several materials on the market, and each one of them comes with a set of pros and cons.


Plastic bottles are lightweight and convenient to carry around. They’re also affordable, so they will be more practical if you have just had more than one baby.

Good brands offer reliable plastic bottles that don’t break even if they get accidentally dropped, which is inevitable in a busy household. However, plastic bottles need to be replaced often or once the plastic starts to show signs of deterioration.

If you feel that the plastic is showing signs of scratches or if the bottle starts to leak, then it should be tossed away. You should also keep an eye on the colour and odour of the bottle to discard it when needed.


Glass bottles have been around for years. They’re dishwasher-safe, so you can use the heat to make sure that they’re clean and safe to use. Glass is non-toxic, doesn’t react with food materials, and is BPA-free.

However, glass bottles are more expensive than plastic ones. They’re also prone to breaking as they’re heavier. Some of the new models come with silicone sleeves that protect them from breaking and make them easier to hold.


Silicone bottles are becoming increasingly popular because they’re lightweight. They don’t break upon impact, so they’re suitable for busy parents who like to travel or spend time away from home. Nevertheless, some people don’t like the way the silicone feels.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bottles are very durable. They’re BPA-free and won’t react with the food you’re giving your baby.

However, these bottles are heavyweight, so they’re not suitable for parents who are always on the go. Although these bottles are built to last for as long as you plan to use them, most parents don’t like them because they can’t see the amount of milk inside.

Other Features


Baby bottles come in various shapes, so you can pick the right one that matches the needs of your baby. Standard bottles are tall and straight, so they’re very easy to fill and clean. These are the most popular bottles used to feed babies.

Angled bottles are more desirable to minimise stomach pain. They look just like standard bottles, but the bottle is slightly bent below the neck, preventing your little one from swallowing air that causes pain and discomfort. The only problem with angled bottles is that they’re more difficult to clean, whether you’re cleaning them by hand or in the dishwasher.

Wide bottles are used to hold wide and short nipples that mimic the natural breast of the mother. They’re suitable for babies who haven’t yet got used to bottle feeding.


Bottles come in small and large sizes. Small bottles are suitable for newborns, but once your baby grows, it’s more practical to switch to larger bottles. These are more practical to use as your child needs to be fed more often.

Nipple Material

The nipple material is crucial because if your child doesn’t feel comfortable, he or she will refuse being fed by the bottle altogether. Nipples are either made of silicone or latex. Both mimic the natural feeling of human flesh and make the child believe that it’s being breastfed.

Silicone is extremely durable, and the nipple will last for a long time. Nevertheless, some kids don’t prefer silicone nipples because they feel too firm, so they might not feel comfortable enough.

Latex is softer, and babies love it more. However, it tends to wear out fast, and some kids might be allergic to it.

Whether you’re picking silicone or latex nipples, you should keep an eye on them and stop using them if there are any cracks. Cracks can be filled with bacteria that affect your baby’s health. Stop using the nipple if it shows any sign of discolouration or thinning.

Nipple Shape

Nipples come in several shapes. Standard nipples are long and narrow. Wide nipples are more suitable for babies who are just starting to use the bottle because they’re more like the human nipple.

Some parents choose to buy nipples that are flat on one side. These nipples make the baby feel like they’re feeding on the mother who is holding him close to her chest.

All these nipples have different levels of flow. You should pick the right level of flow based on how fast your baby can swallow. Infants and newborn babies need to suckle on the lowest level, and you should increase the level as the baby grows up.

When is the Right Time to Use the Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies, Australia?

A highchair with the best milk bottle for baby on the tray

If your aim is to mix feed, try let baby get the hang of breastfeeding before you introduce the bottle. Babies usually master the art of breastfeeding within 4 to 6 weeks. Giving your baby the bottle before this period could mean they develop a preference for the bottle and start to refuse the breast.

However, it’s a balancing act and waiting too long could mean that baby refuses the bottle. If you want to successfully mix feed, don’t be disheartened if baby doesn’t take to the bottle straight away. Sometimes a little persistence and patience is all you need.

Wrap Up

When your baby’s comfort and safety are on the stake, you’ll take no risks. We chose the Cherub Baby Glass Bottle Starter Kit as our top pick because it comes with everything you need to have to help your little one get used to the bottle. The bottles are safe and durable, and the kit will last for long.

Choosing the right time and products will help facilitate the transition from breastfeeding to the bottle. Do your homework and check out the products on our list to find the right one for you and your little one.

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