Ultimate Guide: What Is The Best Baby Monitor Australia

I went back to working at my partner’s business 6 weeks after our first daughter was born. It worked out great because, being our own business, I could take her with me! I’d put her to sleep in a room and then whilst she napped I could get a couple of hours of work done.

I couldn’t have made it work unless I had the best baby monitor Australia had on offer. I did hours of research, online and in-store, to figure out which baby monitor to buy.

Technology has come a long way and the best baby monitor 2020 will be much more than just audio! Whether you’re looking for the best video baby monitor Australia, best baby wifi monitor or just a standard audio monitor, you’ll find them all and tons of other top baby monitors in this article.

Take a quick look at the best baby monitor Australia 2020 comparison chart then read about some of the features of the top options before checking my baby monitor reviews, Australia, to find the right choice for you.

Best Baby Monitor, Australia – Comparison Chart

Types of Best Baby Monitors, 2020

When looking for the best baby camera or monitor, you first want to decide what type of baby monitor you will actually need. Trying to decide between the top-rated baby monitors can be tough, so knowing what type you are looking for can be a great first step.

So what types of best baby monitors are there, anyway?

Audio Only Monitors

The most common type of baby monitors that we usually think of first are audio only monitors. The best baby audio monitors allow you to hear when your baby wakes up and cries during nap times or in the middle of the night.

They are a common choice due to how inexpensive and simple they are (they’re basically a walkie talkie in most cases!).

While the price can make these types of baby monitors very attractive, it’s also important to make sure the quality is acceptable. When choosing the best baby monitor, audio is very important as they are useless if you can’t hear anything or the sound is crackly and muffled.

I will dive more into the features to look for when choosing the best sound baby monitor below.

Video Monitors

Another common type of baby monitors are video monitors! While the best baby audio monitors are very useful, video monitors add an extra layer of peace of mind.

Video monitors allow you to visually see your baby and what they are doing. They should have a quality video feed that is displayed on a screen and some even have night vision.

I can’t even tell you how nice the best video baby monitor is when silence starts to make you nervous. These types of baby monitors really do give you that extra assurance that your baby is fine, without risking going in to check and waking up your little bub!

Wifi/Smart Monitors

While video monitors are great, wifi smart monitors can be a real lifesaver! These are video monitors that send a stream to an external device such as a phone or tablet.

Some of the best wifi baby monitor choices will even notify you of any unusual activity.

One thing to really consider with these, however, is that they rely heavily on your internet connection. For best results, you’ll want to make sure that you have a high-speed internet package to support the use of the device.

Movement/Wearable Monitors

This last type of baby monitor is one of the newest options and not nearly as popular yet. They come in the form of a sock, detachable clip, or other wearable devices.

Movement monitors come with a lot of extra features that are meant to give new parents peace of mind while their baby sleeps. (Which can be very handy if you’re the type that wants to check on them every 10 minutes!)

The best sensor monitor will include features such as heartbeat tracking, internal body temperature, a breathing monitor and even oxygen levels. They may also alert you of any movement happening much like the best wifi baby monitor does.

Many parents choose this type of monitor for the breathing features. The best baby breathing monitor can be a huge asset if your bub has medical issues or you feel your baby is at a higher risk of SIDS. This type of baby monitor is especially great for parents who want to take extra precautions in the safety of their little bub.

Although I’m sure many parents would really like this extra level of safety, it’s worth noting that there is some debate amongst professionals about how reliable the stats from wearable devices really are. Be mindful that these types of baby monitors are still very new and technology is still being improved.

As I went through the list, I’m sure you started to consider what type of top rated baby monitors you’d like to buy. But what features should you look for in your baby monitor?

Features of The Best Baby Monitors, Australia

When you start trying to choose between the best rated baby monitors, there are a number of different features to look at. While cost definitely plays a role, it’s important to consider the overall quality.

Read below on the features to look for when choosing the best baby monitor for your little one.

Battery Life

Battery life is a simple, yet important feature to look for in the best baby monitor. If you find yourself needing to switch out batteries every 12 seconds, you’re going to go mad.

Even the best cheap baby monitor will have decent battery life. Some will include a battery pack you can recharge using a wall socket, and others will have a compartment for disposable batteries.

No matter what kind of batteries it takes, make sure the battery life is one you are comfortable with, so you’re not always running to change them out. You might also consider purchasing rechargeable batteries if needed for that device.


The next feature to look at is the range. If you live in a small home, this may not be a concern for you. For others, it can be a huge problem if you lose connection whenever you go to the opposite end of your home.

You’ll want to look at the best baby monitor for long range to avoid any major hassle in using your device. What could be worse than thinking baby is sound asleep and happy, then suddenly realising they’ve actually been crying for 20 minutes and you had no idea!

Camera Options

If you decide to look for the best wireless video baby monitor, the camera options are going to be at the top of your list in terms of features.

The camera options you’ll want to keep in mind for the best baby monitor Australia are:

  • Night vision: you’ll want to be able to see your little bub at night so night vision is definitely a must! There’s no point in having a camera at all if once the lights go out you can’t see a thing!
  • Multi-camera support: this can be useful for having different angles set up, connecting different rooms to the same account, or even if you’re looking for the best baby monitor for twins or young siblings.
  • Camera viewing angles: while you can get multiple cameras for different angles, it’s ideal to find a camera that has wide angles or can move around for you to see every angle of the room.

Other Features To Look For

While features like battery life, range, and camera quality are important to look for in the best brand baby monitors, there are some other features that you may want to consider as well.

These are not a must by any means, but are worth at least considering.

  • Zoom: some baby monitors have the functionality to pan, tilt and zoom around the room and zoom in on your baby. This is a very useful feature if your little one is in a large room or you just want to take a closer look from time to time.
  • Home security: depending on the device, your baby monitor may have the ability to double as a home security device with a few extra parts. If you’ve also been looking for a home security system, this could potentially be a great solution to take care of two things at once by simply adding an extra few cameras.
  • Temperature: many devices will have the ability to detect if your baby’s room is too cool or too warm. If this is ever a concern for you or you live in a very hot climate, this is worth considering for your new baby monitor.
  • Sensors: many of the best baby monitors in Australia have additional sensors as well. These may include things like body temperature, heartbeat, movement, or notifying you if bub starts to wake up.
  • Lullaby mode: one of my favourite features that some devices offer is lullaby mode! It allows you to play soft melodies while your little one stirs and drifts off to sleep.
  • Two-way talking: while it’s nice to hear your baby, it can also be nice to talk back! Two-way talking allows you to talk to your baby and lull them back to sleep with your voice or calm them quickly if the room is far away from you.

Best Baby Monitor Reviews, Australia

It can be hard to sift through reviews in order to find the best baby monitor Australia has. Many reviews are very biased rather than factual, and others don’t give you all the information you need.

I’ve done the hard work for you by sifting through hours of research, specification and reviews in order to come up with a list of the best baby monitors. I’ve also chosen a few of my best picks along with thought out reviews to help make the decision process even easier.

Best Video Baby Monitor, Australia

HelloBaby Baby Video Monitor

The HelloBaby Baby Video Monitor is our top pick for the best baby monitor with camera capabilities if you are looking for video features with a low price tag.

The quality of this baby video monitor is on point with both the video and audio being of high quality. It is easy to set up right out of the box, allowing you to start using it immediately. When it comes to the best baby monitor, night vision is a must have camera capability. The HelloBaby device hits the mark with this feature! You can see and hear your bub late into the evening without a problem.

This monitor has the ability to use as many as four cameras, which can be useful if you want a variety of angles or have multiple children. You can also talk through the device to your bub with the two-way talking feature and the battery life is pretty decent for a cheap device, only needing a charge every couple of days, even with constant use. It is also very portable with the ability to slip it off  the stand and take it into another room, if needed.

All in all, this is the best video baby monitor Australia has to offer for the price and gets our seal of approval.

Best Audio Baby Monitor, Australia

VTech BM2150 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech audio baby monitor wins in the category of best long range baby monitor for audio. It is rated as one of the top baby monitors on Amazon and it also gets our vote for one of the best choices.

This device has digital transmission, ensuring you are the only one who can hear your baby. When they wake, you’ll be able to talk to them with the 2-way talking feature on the unit.

This monitor also features a room temperature sensor, lullabies, and even a small light on the unit – so you can ensure your little one is as safe as possible while they sleep.

This VTech audio baby monitor model is well worth considering with the quality it provides for the low price point.

Video Baby Monitor Reviews, Australia

Nannio Comfy Video Baby Monitor

This is one of the best long range video baby monitors if you want something with a budget price monitor with great range. With the ability to reach over 300 meters with connection stability, this is a buy you won’t want to pass up. It is the best choice for families with large homes or who are frequently entertaining guests outside.

The battery life of this device lasts for 5 hours of constant use and can easily be setup straight out of the box. You can add additional cameras as well as pan tilt zoom around the room while they sleep.

For peace of mind, this device also has extra features such as a feeding timer, night vision, and temperature sensor. If your little bub wakes up, you can also talk through the unit with 2-way talking capabilities. The quality is on point too so you won’t struggle to see or hear your baby while you make your way across the house to their room.

In terms of long range video monitors, this one is packed full of features with a great price to boot.

VTech BM4500 Safe & Sound Video & Audio Baby Monitor

If screen size is important to you, you might find the VTech BM4500 to be the best baby video monitor. With its screen being over 10cm in diameter, it gives plenty of room to see your bub.

Lullaby mode is great and this device even has natural sounds and white noise for babies that prefer those noises. It also detects sound and movement and will light up the screen to alert you.

This device also has night vision, a temperature sensor, and 2-way talking so you can speak to your baby as you make your way to their room.

Much like the Nannio video monitor, it has the ability to add multiple cameras so you can see your baby from different angles or check on multiple children in different rooms.

The VTech video monitor is another great choice and really stands out with the larger screen and white noise functionality.

Oricom Secure 850 Digital Baby Video Monitor

If battery life is a concern for you, the Oricom Secure 850 might be the best option for you. With 8 hours of battery life, you can easily see how it makes the list for best video monitor options.

This device comes with a tilt zoom feature that has 300 degree horizontal and 110 degree vertical movement for better visibility. You can easily look around the room when needed and see if your baby has moved around in their sleep. The monitor comes with a large 4.3″ display, giving you a great view of your sleeping baby at a glance.

This video monitor is also very high quality so you can easily see and talk to your baby on the unit. Much like the other options, it includes night vision, 2-way talking, a night light, lullabies and the ability to use up to 4 cameras with one device for further viewing options.

The Oricom video monitor is easily the best video monitor in terms of battery life and zoom capabilities. I would find this to be the best option for busy families who want something to last a bit longer than most models.

Audio Baby Monitor Reviews

VTech BM2000 Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor

For those looking for a very simple but reliable baby monitor, VTech BM200 gets our vote and this could easily be the best budget monitor Australia has to offer.

For such a cheap price, this monitor has great battery life with the parent unit having 14 hours of continuous use before the need to recharge and the baby unit using mains power rather than batteries. The parent unit has a belt clip for hands-free carrying and also has a vibrating sound alert, so even if bub is being quiet the vibration will alert you that they are awake.

Other features of this baby monitor include five different lullabies to choose from, 2 way talking capabilities, night light and a temperature sensor.

All things considered, this is the best value baby monitor and is a great inexpensive choice that is simple and gets the job done.

EMEBAY Portable Audio Baby Monitor

The EMEBAY portable baby monitor is easily one of the best cheap baby monitor options available in Australia and it won’t break the bank.

What I love most about this model is how well the alerts are designed. If you get out of range of your baby or start to get low on battery, the unit will alert you, eliminating the chance of your baby crying and you never hearing them.

Other features of this audio baby monitor include 2 way talking capabilities, 900 foot range and an 8 hour battery life before needing to be recharged.

We have put this unit on our list of top 10 baby monitors as we find it’s a quality, cheap monitor that will work for any family in search of a simple baby monitor that won’t cost them a fortune.

Best WiFi Baby Monitor Reviews

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

The lollipop smart monitor is hands down one of the best smart baby monitors we’ve found. With the all-in-one detections, you’ll be sleeping soundly without worry.

You’ll be alerted if your baby cries, their room gets to warm, or even if they’re about to climb out of their cot early in the morning thanks to the multiple detection features, specifically designed to pick up crying rather than just any decibels at all.

With many smart monitors, you are required to pay a monthly fee to access the video-stream via the cloud but not with this device, as Lollipop cover the cloud service fees for you. The lag on the video is just 1 second as long as you have a reliable wifi signal and does not require you to carry around another screen. All parents need to do is download the app on their phone and you’re good to go!

Physical setup can be achieved with relative ease and at very unique angles, thanks to the bendable toxic-free silicone design and the handy wall mount that’s included. The overall design of this product really helps get the exact angles you want, even in small or awkward spaces. Other features of this baby monitor include 2 way talking, lullabies, night vision and the ability to connect multiple users to the same device.

If you’re looking for the best baby monitor with WiFi, I highly suggest the lollipop as an option. The detections and ease of access to your baby make this purchase well worth the cost.

Arlo Baby Monitor and Camera

This Arlo baby monitor is the best baby sleep monitor if you want something that works with Alexa! You can view it on your smartphone or ask Alexa to view your baby on the show screen.

This video baby monitor displays in 1080p, providing a high-quality crisp video on screen and comes with the ability to watch live and record to watch back later. The instant motion, sound, and air quality notifications are sent to your smartphone device via the app.

When baby wakes, you’ll be able to talk to them through the unit with 2-way talking capabilities. Other features include advanced night vision, a night light and a music player as well as temperature and humidity sensors.

All considered, this is a great WiFi baby monitor with really incredible video quality, so if that’s high on your list of needs, you should take a serious look at the Arlo smart monitor.

VTech VC990 Pan & Tilt Camera

The VTech 990 comes with some great features and doubles as a reliable home security system, so naturally it has made our list of top baby monitors.

This model does a great job with incredible video quality and the ability to add up to 10 cameras which could easily see it double as a home security device, watching pets, children, and more – even while you’re away. With the gesture controlled pan and tilt cameras, you can see as far away or as close as needed, thanks to the 10 x zoom, and pan around the room.

The setup is very easy and you can record video in real time to an SD card or through your mobile phone. Motion-activated alerts and recording mean you won’t miss a single thing and you can also talk to your baby thanks to the 2 way communication. Other features of this baby monitor include automatic night vision and split screen viewing.

There are some great video baby monitors available, and this is easily one of the best choices if you might think about extending your home security in the future.

Baby Breathing Monitor Reviews

Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor

I would vote the Sense-U as the best baby movement monitor Australia has available if you want something small and unobtrusive that is super easy to setup.

This monitor not only alerts of breathing issues, but also the position your baby is in and if they’re overheating or too cold. If the monitor does not detect breathing movements an audible alarm will sound and the updated version has been adapted to minimise false alarms.

For first time parents, NICU parents, or natural worriers, this device could be a real godsend. It clips onto the front of your baby and it’s small enough for them to barely even notice it’s there.

Simply hook it up and download the free cloud app to your IOS or Android device- that is all there is to it! You can see your baby’s vitals on screen and will be notified when they roll over or their stats go outside preset zones, determined by you.

If you need a baby monitor that gives you extra information, this is very much worth considering as it’s one of the best baby monitor and sensor pad options you will find right now.