Ultimate Guide: Best Backpack Nappy Bag, Australia

When I had my first daughter, I bought I beautiful and expensive nappy bag to carry the zillions of newborn “essentials” I had. Problem? It was a shoulder bag! I quickly developed a sore shoulder and realised that the best nappy bag Australia, 2020, was going to be a backpack.

So began my endless research into the best backpack nappy bag Australia has on offer. I spent weeks scrolling through the best backpack diaper bag reviews and looking up the benefits of nappy bag backpacks.

To save you suffering the same hassle I went through, I’ve put all my research into the best nappy bags Australia, 2020 has in this one handy article!

In these nappy bag reviews, I’ll first show you exactly what to look for in the best nappy backpack, Australia 2020. From weight to style and size to functionality I’ll cover it all. Finally, I’ll give a review of the 10 best nappy backpack, 2020, including the best baby backpack for travel and the best mens diaper backpack.

Best Nappy Bag, 2020 – Quick Reference

  • HapTim Diaper Bag, Australia
  • Allcamp Diaper Bag
  • Skip Hop Greenwich
  • HaloVa Diaper Bag, Australia
  • Bebamour Backpack
  • Skip Hop Portobello
  • Nappy Bag by Miss Fong
  • Ju-Ju-Be BFF
  • Skip Hop Forma
  • Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back

Best Nappy Bags, Australia 2020 – Comparison Chart

What Makes The Best Nappy Bag Backpack, Australia?

Anyone who has ever cared for a baby knows that it’s a two-handed job. But the sheer number of supplies you need can be a little bit overwhelming. So how do you get both hands free but still carry all those supplies around with you?

You use this guide to find the best backpack baby bag, that’s how!


Above all the best diaper backpack has to be functional! There are so many beautiful looking, super trendy or soft leather diaper backpacks out there. There’s not much point in having a beautiful baby backpack nappy bag though if it doesn’t actually make your life easier!

The first thing I considered was pockets! Look for a bag that has a whole heap of different sized pockets both inside and outside. It makes finding things so much easier when you have a specific pocket for each item.

Next on my list was how you access the main compartment. When my daughter is crying or running in the opposite direction I don’t leisurely pack my bag in an organised fashion. Instead, I shove everything inside as quick as I can and get going.

This then leads to panic later when I open the top of the bag and have to dig down to the bottom to find anything! The solution? In my opinion, the best baby bag backpack needs a front section that completely unzips, like this example, making it much easier to see and access everything.

Size, Weight and Inside Space

It’s a fine line when considering the size of your baby diaper backpack. Too big and you feel like you’re lugging a suitcase around but too small and you won’t fit everything in. All of the options I’ve looked at have a good balance of being big enough but not too enormous, making them the best nappy bags you’ll find.

Weight is also another important factor as all that baby stuff we carry around can weigh a ton! The last thing you want to do is start with a bag that weighs 5kg before you’ve even put anything inside! Ideally, the best diaper backpack needs to weigh less than 1kg when empty.

Having plenty of pockets is important but make sure the main compartment has plenty of room as well. You’re likely to have bulky items in there now and again and the large compartment will come in handy.


Ok, ok I know I said that the best baby bags, Australia 2020 have to be functional above all else. On the flip side though, you’ll be carrying your diaper bag backpack around every…..single….day! Do you really want to look at the thing every day and feel like a boring, daggy mum? Or do you want to feel proud carrying it around?

Best Travel Diaper Backpack

HapTim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag

The Hap Tim diaper bag should be high on your list anyway, but it’s also the best backpack for traveling moms. With a total of 17 pockets there’s a lot of space and, being slightly bigger than your average bag, you can fit in all the extra supplies you need for travelling.

One of my favourite things about this bag is it has two main compartments! There’s a front, fully zip down, pocket and one top access pocket making it extra efficient at organising all your gear.

This bag also features an anti-theft pocket to keep small items like mobile phones and a padded back and straps, meaning it can be worn comfortably for a long time.

The final reason I’ve named this the best backpack diaper bag for travel is the fact it’s unisex! That’s right mums – dad has no excuse, as this could easily pass for a males backpack too!

The Best Backpack Diaper Bag On Amazon

AllCamp Diaper Bag Backpack

This could be the best baby backpack Australia offers for those on a budget and it’s the top-rated backpack diaper bag on Amazon with heaps of great reviews.

The bag easily converts from messenger style to baby backpack bag and comes with straps to easily hang it from the pram. It boasts an impressive 14, well thought out, pockets, it’s made from waterproof material and is completely machine washable.

It’s easy to open one-handed (something my bag wasn’t and drove me crazy) and the front opening means no need to dig down to the bottom as everything is easily visible and accessible.

Best of all is the price, it’s super affordable and just as functional as some of the higher-priced options. All this makes it not only the best backpack for baby stuff but, also a contender for the best diaper bag Australia offers.

The Best Skip Hop Diaper Backpack Review

Skip Hop Greenwich Diaper Backpack

For a lot of people, Skip Hop backpack nappy bags are the go-to choice. The brand has become well known for offering functional choices that don’t compromise on style and offer some of the best diaper bag backpacks.

This vegan leather backpack diaper bag comes in black, smoke, olive, tan or dusty rose and looks sophisticated but it’s still very durable. It’s very large, yet still lightweight at just over 1kg so if you’re the kind of mum who overpacks, take a look!

It has 9 pockets, less than some of the other options, but they’re all good size pockets so not a huge issue. Some people do say this skip hop backpack diaper bag feels too big for them so if you’re very petite it may not be the right option.

The Best Backpack Nappy Bag on a Budget

HaloVa Baby Diaper Backpack Multi-Function Travel Nappy Bag

This is one of the most popular baby backpack nappy bags you’ll find online due to its great functionality and low price tag!

If you want the best baby diaper backpack but don’t have a huge budget this is a great option. It’s well designed and thought out with over 10 pockets to easily organise all your items. It’s made from water-resistant material and I put mine through the washing machine without any issues. It’s a great lightweight option that comes in a variety of different colours.

My issues with it were the fact it’s impossible to open the main compartment with one hand and you need to purchase additional clips if you want to connect it to the pram handle. It also started to look a bit worn and old after 6 months or so but I did get the light grey so it may have just been a bad colour choice.

The Best Diaper Backpack For Dads

Bebamour Large Nappy Changing Bag Backpack

This neutral choice is a great diaper backpack for dad and could easily pass for a normal backpack whilst still being super functional.

It has an impressive 12 pockets, is a good size and yet only weighs around 700g! This backpack nappy bag is made from a durable water repellent material and has comfortable cushioned straps.

A great benefit of this bag is it has 3 “main” compartments, all of a good size which open separately meaning it’s easy to keep everything well organised.

Best Convertible Backpack Diaper Bags

Skip Hop Portobello

I am completely in love with this Skip Hop backpack nappy bag and I’m thinking of creating an award for it for the best nappy bag 2020, Australia. I recently had the luck of bumping into a friend who has one and I can say it’s just as beautiful in real life! She told me she would recommend it to anyone as  one of the best baby changing bags.

It’s super versatile and can be worn as a backpack, messenger bag or carried by the top handle and it doesn’t require any extra clips to attach it to your pram. It’s super chic and stylish and could easily pass for a regular weekend bag (that is if you ever get a weekend without kids again).

The main compartment and front pocket are super spacious and there are plenty of pockets to store everything. It’s actually perfect for mums who work for themselves (like myself) and carry their laptop everywhere as the shape and size suit them perfectly.

The small downsides are that it is a little pricier and a little heavier than the other options here (but not enough that it bothered me when I tried it out). It’s definitely one of the top backpack diaper bags out there.

Diaper Bag by Miss Fong

This faux leather baby bag backpack is a super stylish option that comes in a wide range of colours. It doesn’t look like a nappy bag and can be easily converted from messenger style to backpack.

It’s definitely one of the best backpack changing bags due to its relatively low price tag, yet not coming with obvious branding all over it (often a downside to the cheaper options).

As well as looking good, it has an impressive 13 pockets in total and the main compartment is very spacious, although it does only open from the top.

One of the cons that a few people have mentioned is the fact there is only one zipper for the main compartment and it’s too difficult to open with one hand.

More of the Best Backpack Nappy Bags, Australia

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F Convertible Nappy Changing Bag

Ju-Ju-Be is considered by many to be the makers of the best changing backpacks on the market. However, they usually come with a price tag to match.

The convertible B.F.F is one of the most well-known models they have available and it gets stellar reviews from most people who use it. It weighs a little more than I’d like at about 1.3kg but users tell me it’s well worth it.

It’s made of a Teflon treated material meaning it wipes clean and doesn’t stain and it’s completely machine washable. As you’d likely expect with the price tag, this bag is top quality and all the zips and fittings are high standard metal hardware.

The bag has 11 pockets of varying shapes and sizes and the main compartment is a great size with a front style opening. It’s definitely a great option if you can afford the higher price tag.

Skip Hop Forma Backpack

Yet another Skip Hop Nappy Bag and you can see why they are considered one of the best nappy bag brands on the market. This quilted backpack nappy bag is super lightweight and comes in a huge variety of colours.

Great features of this option are the ability to open the main compartment one-handed and the fact that the bag holds its shape and stays upright when opened. The built-in stroller straps make it super easy to attach to the pram. The biggest bonus is that it also comes with two separate packing cubes, one mesh and one insulated, making it even easier to find specific items.

Overall I think this would be a great choice for any mum.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back

Another great option from well known Ju-Ju-Be, this backpack nappy bag is certainly worth the investment! Not only does it have a fantastic fully zip-down main pocket, meaning it packs more like a suitcase than a backpack, but it is truly designed with mum in mind.

The straps are padded and ergonomically curved to make it super comfortable to wear and the back mesh panel allows for increased airflow. The front “mummy pocket” is much larger than most other backpack nappy bags and has separate sections for glasses, phones and more. It’s stylish enough to not look like a nappy bag and there are so many design options available, you’re sure to find one that dad doesn’t mind wearing either.

This backpack diaper bag has been treated with a Teflon fabric protector, so the material is stain-resistant and easy to wipe clean. The added Agion treatment for extra machine-washable protection also protects against mould and mildew.

Hafmall Nappy Changing Backpack

The Hafmall Nappy bag is a great bag for anyone looking for a functional backpack nappy bag that is still stylish enough to use for everyday use and will look good in any occasion.

This bag is made from a water-resistant, anti-wrinkle polyester mix material, which is durable and easy to wipe clean. The interior of the bag is also waterproof and wipe clean so it won’t be ruined or stained by spillages.

The bag has great organisation with one main large compartment that opens from the top, seven internal pockets, three different sized insulated bottle pockets, a side tissue pocket and even an anti-theft pocket to protect your mobile or purse. There is also an internal wet/dry separation pocket to keep damp items separate from clean nappies and clothes.

If you’re looking for a stylish nappy bag that will help you keep organised but won’t break the bank, you could do a lot worse than the Hafmall backpack nappy bag.

Babymel Robyn Convertible

This Babymel Robyn convertible nappy bag, Australia, is a really versatile option the can change style to suit your needs and still fit all of those essential baby items.

This faux leather backpack is sleek and stylish and it’s not immediately obvious that it is a nappy bag at all! it comes in a range of different colours so there is something to suit all tastes. The straps on this bag cleverly convert the bag from a backpack to a shoulder bag in a matter of seconds and the integrated stroller straps make it easy to attach to the pram.

The Babymel Robyn has a decent amount of internal pockets so keeping all your gear organised is really easy. The main compartment is double zippered and has an extra wide opening, making it easy to access everything inside. You will also get a changing pad and separate insulated bottle carrier for those mums who are bottle feeding.

Style doesn’t always have to mean compromising on functionality and this backpack nappy bag from Babymel proves just that!

Final Thoughts

I really hope you found this article helpful and it saved you endless hours of trawling the internet for the best options!

I honestly believe a backpack style nappy bag is the way to go. I’ve definitely noticed that I no longer get that niggling pain in my shoulder since I made the switch. Let’s face it carrying a 12kg toddler around is a workout enough and anything we can do to make parenting easier is well worth the investment!

Think I’ve missed a great option for the best baby bags, 2020 Australia?! Leave me a comment below and I would love to check it out!