Ultimate Guide: Best Balance Bike, Australia 2020

Ultimate Guide: Best Balance Bike, Australia 2020

A balance bike is an excellent way to help kids master balancing whilst teaching them to ride a bike. Choosing the best balance bike Australia offers can help you avoid electronic addiction and give your kids a way to have some outdoor fun. A balance bike has a variety of benefits including mastering good coordination skills and balance as well as having heaps of fun.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about which balance bike is best for your kids. With so many balance bikes to choose from, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. So, here I’ll share all of the details on how to choose the best balance bikes.

But wait, should you buy a pink or blue balance bike? What about a balance bike scooter? Which option is truly the best balance bike Australia has to offer? Whilst I can’t tell you which balance bike suits your family’s needs and budget most, I can share all the information I found while researching to buy my daughters balance bike, in one handy place. I’ve taken the time to create these in-depth balance bikes reviews to save you time.

I’ll break down the specs for each balance bike Australia has to offer. From pricing to recommended age groups, this truly is the ultimate list of the best balance bikes Australia has to offer in 2020.

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Quick Reference – Best Balance Bike Australia 2020

  • Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2-in-1
  • Kinderfeets Classic
  • Vilac 1024 Natural Wooden
  • Cycling Deal Bike
  • Eurotrike Glide
  • Zoomy Leisure
  • Chicco ride on
  • Progear Girls
  • Strider Sport 12″
  • WeeRide Deluxe
  • Kazam Step-Through
  • Rennrad Convertible

Comparison Chart – Best Balance Bike, 2020

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot
2-in-1 Bamboo

12 to 24 monthsBamboo4.6/5Check

2yrs +Wood4.8/5Check
Vilac 1024
3yrs +Wood4/5Check
Cycling Deal
Balance Bike

2 to 6yrsSteel5/5Check
Eurotrike Glide
3yrs +Steel4/5Check
Zoomy Leisure
18 months
to 6yrs
Chicc Scuderia

2yrs +Metal4.4/5Check
Progear Girls
18 months +Steel3.9/5Check
Strider Sport 12″
18 months
to 5yrs

3 to 6yrsSteel4/5Check
Kazam Hybrid
2 to 5yrsSteel4.5/5Check
Convertible 14"

3yrs +Steel4.8/5Check

What is a Balance Bike?

If you’re unfamiliar with balance bikes, many consider them to be the best learner bike Australia has to offer. With a traditional bike, your child will lead with pedalling, rather than their own balance, which can cause problems when training wheels are removed.

With a balance bike, however, there are no pedals and kids learn to balance first, by using their legs to propel themselves forward. Learning to master balance and fine motor skills first with this option means it can be the best first bike for 3-year old toddlers or even younger!

For those searching for the best bike for 2-year old children, I highly encourage considering a balance bike as an option as it allows for a much more natural progression of learning to ride a bike.

The best age for balance bikes, is typically around toddler age, when your child can walk confidently and push themselves along but it is possible to start later as they are great fun even for slightly older kids.

What are the Benefits of Balance Bikes?

When it comes to choosing the best balance bike for kids, there are a wide range of benefits to choosing a balance bike instead of a traditional bike.

The top balance bikes provide a great level of safety, allowing your child to build confidence gradually, encouraging coordination skills, improving depth perception as well as health and fitness.

Watch this great video from an OT on why balance bikes are a great idea for toddlers.

The best balance bike for 2-year old children is one that helps develop confidence in learning how to ride on their own, at their own pace. They can push themselves to a speed they are comfortable with, lift their feet to cruise along and then put their feet down if they feel as though they are going to fall. Meaning when they move onto using a regular bike with pedals, they already have the confidence to cruise along and balance and all they need to do is learn how to power the pedals.

Young toddler riding the best balance bike for 2 year olds

Features of the Best Balance Bikes, Australia

If I’ve sold you on the idea of shopping around for the best kids balance bike, you may be wondering how to choose one. Below I’ll be going over each of the key features you’ll need to keep in mind when purchasing your first balance bike.

You’ll also notice that some balance bikes come as a hybrid. The best hybrid bike Australia has to offer will allow your child to use it as a balance bike to begin with, to gain confidence, and then converts into a traditional bike with the addition of pedals.


Size is the most important factor to consider when shopping for a childs balance bike and you will need to consider not only their current size, but how much you expect them to grow in the coming years if you really want to get value for money. Choosing a bike that is too big or too small will make it uncomfortable and could discourage them from wanting to ride it.

In terms of size, you should find a bike that they can easily stand over and walk while standing. You’ll also want to make sure they can reach the handlebars and that the seat can be adjusted as they grow.


The next feature to look at is the tyres and their material. Tyres come in a variety of options, such as a standard inflated tyre (commonly referred to as pneumatic), foam, rubber, or even hard plastic.

The most common types available will generally be the pneumatic tyres and foam. Inflatable tyres provide a cushioned ride and a good grip. They come in a few tread options, ideal for road riding or even a little more durable for adventurous kids who want to go off-road. They are, however, prone to punctures if not cared for properly but can easily be fixed.

Foam tyres, on the other hand, generally are not as cushioned nor do they have as good of a grip. They are usually cheaper and do not puncture though, so they do serve some benefits to the right buyer.

young boy about to ride up a small ramp on the best balance bike for 3 year olds

Frame Material

There are a number of options for the frame material, so you’ll need to consider which suits your needs best. You’ll find a variety of balance bikes utilizing steel, aluminium, plastic, and wood.

Steel is a very durable material and can stand up against being knocked and crashed by small boisterous children. They are usually a little more costly and a bit heavier than aluminium though. This material is probably best for older kids who can handle the extra weight and if you know you won’t end up having to carry the bike for them when they get bored.

Aluminium bikes are also durable but are much more lightweight and resistant against rusting. This material would be our top pick, especially for younger children. They are easy to transport and some even come with a shoulder strap so you can carry them hands-free when your little one gets tired or bored of riding.

With some cheaper options for particularly young children you may see plastic used. These are not durable like the other materials, and we wouldn’t advise investing in them if you want something more long term.

In recent years, wooden toys and kids equipment have become much more popular, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find many modern balance bikes made from wood as well. They are much more stylish with a classic feel and can even be recyclable. They do, however, tend to deteriorate much easier if left outside in harsh weather so you will need to make sure you take a little extra care with these options.


The overall weight of a balance bike is very important to consider as some heavier options may be harder for your child to use. If they struggle with it, it could make them not want to use it at all.

Also, consider how heavy you want the bike to weigh in the event you end up carrying it around because they lose interest while out and about.

Also, on the subject of weight – most balance bikes have an upper weight limit so be sure to consider this when choosing one for your child.

Happy young girl smiling at the camera whilst riding her red balance bike


When a child reaches a certain skill level, they may be ready to start using brakes instead of their feet to stop themselves. The brakes on a balance bike are generally operated by hand so it’s important that your child can easily reach the brake while riding.


A footrest is not a standard feature nor is it an essential thing to have, but it can be quite nice for some children. 

They are best for children who are more experienced with riding and possess great physical strength. They are most ideal for children who use a lot of strength to push themselves or are comfortable going downhill and want a place to rest their feet while coasting.

Not all footrests are the same, however, so be sure to look out for non-slip surfaces so your child does not lose their footing.

Best Balance Bike Reviews, Australia

If you’re still not sure which balance bike is the best for your child, take a look at these in depth reviews to help you decide which is best suited to your needs.

What is the Best Balance Bike For Toddlers?

These first few balance bike, Australia, reviews focus on bikes suitable for toddlers. If you’re kids are a bit older, scroll further down to see some great options.

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2-in-1 Bamboo Balance Bike

This balance bike from Kinderfeets is the smallest 2-in-1 balance bike on the market, making it one of the best first balance bikes available for small children.

This bike starts out as a tricycle for extra stability q3fatwand can then be converted into a balance bike once your child has the confidence and the height, making it a good choice for the best first bike for toddlers or even the best balance bike for 1-year-old children. The bike is made from high quality and strong, sustainable bamboo and the wide base tyres are a hard plastic material. 

This bike comes with an adjustable seat, so it can grow with your child once you convert it to two wheels. Just be sure to test the height carefully as their little feet can hit the back tire if not adjusted properly. You can even purchase an additional basket add on so your child can have fun carrying their favourite toys around.

The durability, quality material and small size of this bike are what truly makes it a contender for the best balance bike for 18-month-old children upwards.

Check current price on Amazon here!

Kinderfeets Classic Balance Bike

This is the bike we chose for our daughter and I can say, with confidence, is the best wooden balance bike if you want something sturdy and reliable.

This bike is made from sustainable birch wood and has a water-based non-toxic chalkboard paint finish, meaning your child can customise and decorate the bike themselves and make it completely their own! It also comes in a range of colour options, features wooden pegs for them to rest their feet on while cruising and an adjustable and washable ergonomically designed, cushioned seat for comfort. The tyres are an airless biodegradable material so you don’t have to worry about punctures or your impact on the environment.

All in all, this is a great option for the best balance bike for toddlers as it is durable and grows well with young children. Adjusting the seat is so easy that even I could manage it on my own!

If you’re looking for the best balance bike, 2-year-old, Australia has to offer, I highly recommend this classic bike from Kinderfeets. We have found it to be a great first bike for kids (our niece has one too) and we love that it is growing with our daughter so it’s been a great investment.

Check current price on Hello Charlie here!

Vilac 1024 Natural Wooden Balance Bike

If you’re looking for one of the best balance bikes 3-year-old children or tall for their age children can ride, the options for wooden balance bikes become a little more limited but this choice is a little bigger than other wooden bikes.

This bike is made from sustainable timber and designed and manufactured by leading French toy brand Vilac and all materials used are BPA free. The tyres are airless and made from a really solid material to withstand bumpier ground. The adjustable seat and easily grow with your child and it comes in bright and fun colours.

This could be a great choice for anyone who is shopping for the best balance bike for 3-year-old toddlers and up.

Check current price on Amazon here!

More Kids Balance Bike Reviews

Cycling Deal Child Balance Bike

If you’re looking for a budget balance bike option but you still want something high quality, this cheap balance bike from Cycling Deal is a great bike at a super affordable price.

The frame on this balance bike is made from lightweight adonized steel, is blast sanded for durability and the whole bike weighs just under 2.8kg. It has a colourful design with a cute puppy image and the wheels are 12 inches and made from a durable moulded plastic.

This bike has a plastic seat with a leather coating that is adjustable height, from 29cm to 41cm, and adjustable handlebars, from 48cm to 61cm, with soft plastic grips for added comfort. It’s suitable for kids aged 2 to 6 years and the frame comes with a lifetime warranty and other parts 2 years!

A great quality bike that won’t break the bank!

Check current price on Amazon here!

Eurotrike Glide Balance Bike

Kids will love the motorcycle-like design of this option for kids ages 3 and up (max rider weight 25kg) and parents will like high quality despite the really low price tag.

This balance bike is durable and something you can be sure will last, in part, thanks to its hard-wearing, fade and chip resistant coating. The bike is super lightweight thanks to the steel frame and weighs in at a tiny 2.7kg, making it easy for parents to carry and young kids to use. This bike has 12″ moulded plastic, puncture-proof tyres on lightweight mag wheels with sealed bearings to provide a smoother ride.

It also features low riser, adjustable handlebars, which provide a more comfortable riding position and neoprene padded, multi-adjustable mini seat from 34cm and up.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune but you want your child to impressed, this motorbike design balance bike is the way to go!

Check current price on Amazon here!

Zoomy Leisure Kids Bike

The Zoomy leisure is one of our favourites on this list thanks to being super lightweight, affordable, looking fantastic and coming in a wide range of colour choices.

The frame on this bike is made from a really lightweight aluminium, making it the lightest balance bike on the market at just 2kg! It also has a rust-free anodised sapphire finish giving it a super high quality and stylish look and even comes in a choice of six different colours. The tyres are 12″ puncture-proof foam-filled plastic meaning they are durable and the maintenance-free sealed bearings provide a smooth ride.

This bike also features a comfortable plastic seat with a waterproof synthetic leather cover and an adjustable height (25cm to 46cm) seat with quick-release clamps for easy adjustment. The Zoomy is recommended for kids aged 18 months to 6 years or 60cm to 120cm with a max rider weight of 27kg.

If you want something super high quality that looks incredible and won’t break the bank, the Zoomy will be a firm favourite with any kid and grows with them so you really do get your moneys worth.

Check current price on Amazon here!

Chicco Ride On Scuderia Ferrari

This balance bike would be great for any little one obsessed with race cars or all things Ferrari.

The ultra-light metal frame means that this bike only weighs in at around 3kg so it isn’t too heavy for little ones to handle and is recommended for ages 2 years +. The design boasts official Ferrari logos and colours, giving it a great look.

The bike also features anti-puncture wheels, adjustable soft seat with quick release clamp and handlebars which can be adjusted to up to 60cm.

Check current price on Amazon here!

Progear Girls Balance Pink Bike

If you’ve been sifting through reviews wondering what’s the best balance bike for toddler girls, this is a great option to consider.

This bike has a steel frame to make it super lightweight, meaning it won’t be a burden if parents end up having to carry it. The tyres are 12″ pump up tyres which give a slightly smoother ride than the moulded plastic alternatives.

This option also features an adjustable, padded saddle for comfort, padded handlebars and stem for extra safety and a quick release seat clamp to make adjustments super easy.

It’s built for kids as young as 18 months to master balance and steering before upgrading to a bike with pedals and there is even a rear parent grip handle so you can easily help your little one get their confidence up at first.

Check current price on Amazon here!

WeeRide Deluxe Balance Bike

If you’re looking for one of the top-rated balance bikes, the WeeRide Deluxe comes highly recommended and is great for slightly older children in that 3 to 6 year age range. It is a bit heavier, larger and a lot more stylish so could be the best balance bike for 6-year-old children.

The steel frame is hard wearing and a bit heavier than many of the other options, which is why it’s unsuitable for younger kids. The beautiful paint finish gives the WeeRide Deluxe a seriously trendy and high-quality feel, which is added to by the soft two-tone padded seat.

The adjustable seat has a range of 45cm to 52cm, so it’s great for taller children. This bike also features non-slip hand grips, quick release seat clamp for easy adjustments and a rear brake with easy touch brake levers.

If you’re looking for a high-quality balance bike for your older child, I would consider this bike as an option.

Check current price on Amazon here!

Kazam Step-Through Balance Bike Scooter

If you’re looking for the best kids balance bike that can double as a scooter to provide endless hours of fun, take a look at the Kazam Step through, a balance bike/scooter hybrid that’s built to last!

This is not a lightweight option but it is built for durability and the metal frame is powder painted for scratch resistance. It features an adjustable seat and handlebars that will grow with your child. The non-slip footrest allows them to balance with ease and gives them a place to rest their legs whilst freewheeling.

This bike also features quick-release seat and handlebars for easy adjustment, air-inflated tyres with steel spokes for a comfortable ride and it comes in a choice of four colours, so you’re sure to find something to suit any child’s taste.

Kids are sure to have a blast while riding the Kazam!

Check current price on Amazon here!

Rennrad Convertible 2 in 1 14″

If you’re looking for something that will convert to a pedal bike later on, the Rennrad convertible will grow with your child and when they are ready for pedals it’s simple to convert.

The steel alloy frame on this bike is really solid and because it converts into a pedal bike it is a little heavier than some of the other options on this list but they really are built to last. The bike is actually available with either 12″, 14″, 16″ or 18″ tyres so even those latecomers to cycling can try a balance bike first.

The bike features inflatable tyres with puncture protection for a smooth ride, a comfortable and adjustable seat that grows with your child, handlebar impact protection and a cantilever/coaster brake system. The one-piece pedal system easily attaches to the underside of the seat system when your child is ready and it even comes with reflectors and a bell.

A great balance bike that grows with your child to become a pedal bike once they have mastered the art of balance.

Check current price on Amazon here!

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