Ultimate Guide: The Best Hair Straighteners, Australia 2019

Ultimate Guide: The Best Hair Straighteners, Australia 2019

I’ve had some relatively serious hair disasters over the years. Like the time I bleached it twice in one day and had to visit the hairdresser shamefaced to turn my shoulder-length locks into a pixie cut.

As a result, I’m VERY picky about how I treat my hair now and only use tools and products I know I can trust. Styling tools are no different and I only want to use the best hair straighteners 2019 has to offer.

Here’s all of the research I’ve done to make sure I’m taking the best care of my hair by only purchasing the best hair straightener on the market.

First, take a look at my quick comparison chart, with a handy rating for each straightener. Then I’ll talk in-depth about what features to look for in the best hair straighteners 2019. Finally, once you’ve got all the important information, read my reviews of the top 10 hair straighteners Australia offers.

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All hair straighteners work in, pretty much, the same way and straighten the hair similar to how an iron straightens out your clothes. You may also hear them referred to as flat irons.

Heat is dispersed evenly up and around the plates. When the hair is clamped between these two plates the heat disperses through it, flattening the hair as the straighteners are run down its length.

Ultimately even the best straightener Australia offers will work in the same way as the cheapest model out there. The difference is not in how they work but in the temperature, safety and other features offered.

Some hair straighteners can be used on wet and dry hair but you should never straighten hair with a model that isn’t specifically made for wet hair.

Some straighteners can also be used to curl hair or create extra volume at the roots. Here is my favourite tutorial video on how to curl hair with a flat iron.



Which type and brand of hair straighteners you purchase will largely depend on the budget you have. As with most things in life, the best quality hair straighteners are going to come with a higher price attached.

Get the best hair flat iron you can afford rather than just looking for the best cheap hair straightener Australia offers. True, there are some fairly good quality budget models out there but it could be a gamble.

If you plan on using your straighteners very regularly you should definitely look at getting the very best hair straighteners on the market and be prepared to spend a little more. After all, the last thing you want is to severely damage your hair by using a low-quality product.

Hair Type

Hair type should also be considered when trying to find the best flat iron for you. Is your hair curly? Thick? Or is it very fine and only slightly wavy?

The best hair straightener for curly hair will not necessarily be a good choice if you have very fine hair. We’ll get into which features are best for which hair type soon but, in a nutshell, curly hair will usually require a bit more work than fine hair for example.

best price hair straighteners

Hair Condition

Finally, be sure to consider your hairs condition when looking for the best hair straightener 2019.

If your hair damages easily with heat styling or is already damaged from excessive styling, you may want to look for a lower temperature model.

There is always going to be a risk of causing hair damage when styling with heat like a hair straightener does. However, there are steps you can take to minimise those risks such as buying a good quality flat iron and making sure to use a heat protection product before styling.


Plate Material

This is the biggest factor to be aware of when looking at the top hair straighteners on the market. The plate material is going to be in direct contact with your precious locks so choosing the right one is vital if you want to avoid heat damage.

  • Glass or Metal – Avoid glass or metal plates completely! They are generally only found on cheaper models and are notoriously bad at distributing the heat evenly. This leads to uneven heat and some areas of the hair being burnt. I learnt this the hard way in my teenage years – don’t be me!
  • Ceramic – Ceramic plates have been around for years and are very popular with many of the best hair straightener brands. They heat up quickly and evenly so there is very little chance of hot spots and resulting damage to the hair. The best ceramic hair straightener will glide easily through hair due to the smoothness of the material.

A quick note, when looking at ceramic plates, make sure they are not just “ceramic coated” as these are not as high quality. Ceramic coated plates do not retain heat as efficiently and can create hot spots.

  • Tourmaline – This is a hard mineral which is ground down to a powder and used as a coating on ceramic plates making them even smoother. They release more negative than positive ions into the hair which helps to smooth hair, making them the best hair straightener for frizzy hair. Another great advantage is that they can straighten the hair using much less heat, making them a great option for frequent use or already damaged hair.
  • Titanium – The best straightening iron for very curly hair will most likely have titanium plates. These plates can achieve the same look as others but at much lower temperatures so they are also great for frequent use. Titanium plates are particularly kind to the ends of hair due to the lower temperatures. They are also more likely to last longer than other straighteners due to being extremely durable so could be more expensive initially but turn out to be a much better investment long term.

Plate Size & Shape

The plate width of the best flat irons varies and your need will depend on hair type as well as personal preference.

The most common plate width is 1 inch and this is suitable for most hair types. Some hair straighteners do come with wider plates though and these are the best straightener for thick hair or long hair as they will make the job much quicker. Wide plates would not be suitable for fine hair or hair that is already damaged due to the higher amount of heat transferred to the hair.

Wider plates are also less versatile and can’t really be used for other things such as creating curls and waves. Plate shape can also have affect how well even the best hair straightners curl hair and a slightly rounded plate edge is preferable.

Temperature Adjustability

The best hair iron needs to reach a high enough temperature to be effective but not so high that it damages the hair. This will vary from person to person and the condition and type of their hair.

A lot of hair straighteners on the market do not come with the ability to adjust the temperature and instead operate at a set heat. Temperatures vary across brands though and there is no industry-wide setting.

If you’re looking for the best hair straightener for fine hair Australia offers, you may want to find a straightener with more adjustability, as not as much heat will be required to style the hair.

 best hair straightener for thick hair Australia

Safety Features

Hair straighteners get incredibly hot and you may want to consider looking for straighteners with an automatic shut off function.


Hair straighteners seem to come with all sorts of little extras and accessories nowadays. It’s nice to have these added extras but just make sure you aren’t paying a premium for something a bit useless.

That shiny, bejewelled hard case may look pretty but is it worth adding $50 to the price?

Some things that can genuinely be useful are a heat resistant mat or an upright stand, especially if you’re the kind of person who forgets to turn the straighteners off.


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