Cyclone Trevor – The Aftermath

Cyclone Trevor was all over the news recently as it ripped through the isolated region of Cape York in Far North Queensland. This just so happens to be where I call home for half of the year.

Our home for the winter is in a tiny isolated township called Portland Roads, home to the famous Chilli Beach and infamous 4wd tracks. The permanent population hovers around 9 people for most of the year.

My partner and his parents also have a business in nearby Lockhart River. My in laws live there full time and it just so happens to be where Trevor decided to hover over the river for a few hours in the early evening.

Our windows were blown in, mattresses and furnishings were wet and mouldy

We were lucky in that we actually had a flight already booked to go on holiday the day before the cyclone hit. We felt terrible to be leaving friends and family behind but honestly, with myself 7 months pregnant and an 18 month old in tow, I was very relieved to be out of harms way.

Whilst we were in our hotel room in Cairns talking to friends and family via satellite internet connections very suddenly we lost contact. Something we had expected but still didn’t worry us any less!

Thankfully the next morning, after a night of worrying, we were able to get back in touch with everyone again. Much to our relief there were no injuries to anyone in either of the nearby towns and very little structural damage.

The only road providing access to our tiny community at Portland Roads was completely blocked by flood water, trees and debris. The few residents who chose to stay had to have groceries and supplies choppered over to them by local police. Nearby crews spent a week pushing through the carnage with machines to reach the community sometimes barely making any progress at all.

Unfortunately, the rainforest caught the brunt of Trevor’s fury. Our beautiful lush surroundings has been completely devastated. Trees lay everywhere and the ones that still stand are skeletons without a leaf in sight.

After machines finally managed to push their way through to Portland Roads

We had been used to taking the drive everyday through the incredibly green surroundings and listening to the birds calling in the trees. Now upon our return, the rainforest was a shadow of it’s former self. It will regrow but the devastation is a hard thing to witness everyday.

The damage to our house will only take a few weeks to repair (big shout out to my carpenter/builder partner) but the rainforest could take years to recover. Unfortunately, cyclones are a common occurrence in Far North Queensland but fortunately Queensland locals are a resilient bunch and we have already begun the long road to recovery.

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