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Ultimate Guide: Best Cold Press Juicer, Australia 2019

My partner has been really into juicing for years! When he was younger he had a pretty severe case of glandular fever and then later on contracted ross river fever. He swears that regular juicing is what helped him get his energy back and overcome

Travelling With Toddlers – Road Trip Essentials

Planning a road trip with babies, toddlers or young kids? I feel your sense of dread! Travelling with toddlers can be a nightmare! Yes, it will probably be an epic saga you’ll be telling horror stories about for years to come……BUT pack the road trip

Second Month Blogging Goals – May 2019

It’s May, 2019!! The month I turn 30 years old. On that day I will be 34 weeks pregnant and living in an isolated Australian community, with 7 permanent residents, that is 850km from the nearest town….. Not exactly how I envisioned spending my 30th

First Ever Blog Income and Progress Report – April 2019

It is officially May – what the hell?! How did that even happen? I turn 30 this month!!! Next month I will most likely give birth to my second baby…….. Ok I had to pause there for a second because I really scared myself! That

Cairns Coffee Scene – Mareeba Coffee

Recently I wanted to find the best coffee in Cairns so I headed straight for my old friend Google. I was horrified when it suggested I might want to search “where’s the closest starbucks”…..what?!? The Cairns and tablelands region has some amazing plantations, roasterys and

Best Things To Do In Queensland

If you’ve seen the rest of my site, I’m sure you’ve gathered that myself and my family just LOVE Queensland. I want you to love Queensland just as much as I do, so I’ve been scouring the internet asking other people for their favourite place

Ultimate Guide: Best Backpack Nappy Bag, Australia 2019

When I had my first daughter, I bought I beautiful and expensive nappy bag to carry the zillions of newborn items I had. Problem? It was a shoulder bag! I quickly developed a sore shoulder and realised that the best nappy bag Australia, 2019, was

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Sophie Marie

My name is Sophie, I’m a pregnant mum living half of my life in an isolated community in the rainforest of Far North Queensland. The other half I’m in the bustling beach city of the Gold Coast!!

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