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How to Prepare Toddlers for a Second Baby

There are so many challenges in raising toddlers but if you’re expecting another baby soon, you need to prepare your oldest to become a sibling. Toddlers need a lot of attention and they might notice

Australian Coffee Scene

Recently, I wanted to find the best coffee in Cairns so I headed straight for my old friend Google. I was horrified when it suggested I might want to search “where’s the closest Starbucks”…..what?!? The

Plane Pal Review

The Plane Pal is a lifesaver for anyone about to take a long plane journey with young kids. Save their little legs by taking this inflatable footrest that turns any plane seat into a lay flat bed for little ones!

CoziGo Review

A detailed review of the incredibly useful CoziGo bassinet and pram cover

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Welcome! I'm Sophie and I live with my family in an extremely remote area of Far North Queensland. I'm all about making my life as easy as possible so I can enjoy more time with my kids. Read my product reviews and tips so you can do the same!

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